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The Smart App for Business


ServiceM8 is a cloud-based Job Scheduling, Staff and Invoice Management Software that is ideal for mobile based service industries who are “job focused” but don’t require inventory management.

So who is this good for?

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Maintenance and Service Technicians
  • IT Consultants
  • Locksmiths
  • Cable Installers
  • Cleaners

and just about any other mobile service based industry you can think of!!!

It is smart and simple to use and keeps together the story of the job forever.

It allows for easy scheduling and dispatch of urgent jobs whilst being able to see where your mobile technicians are and who is best suited to alocate the job to without several time consuming phone calls.

It provides easy quoting templates, which convert into jobs and then invoicing and on the spot payment facilities which in turn will hopefully mean more cashflow and less time spent on admin.

Integrates with Xero  and other accounting systems, plus a range of other add-ons to allow for a full management and accounting package tool.

This smart App is particularly useful in situations where reports need to be generated for clients and checklists completed by technicians.


By using this you can be more:

  • Connected - Locate staff in real-time, instantly dispatch urgent jobs, and communicate with staff and clients without discruptive phone calls.
  • In Control - Having an up to date dashboard for Mission Control from booking to invoices your jobs will stay on track.
  • Professional Looking - Inspire Confidence in your clients with professional quotes, invoices, reports and emails.
  • Organised - Every Job has a story. Job contacts, photos, notes, quotesm invoices, emails and texts. All saved in the job diary. Forever.
  • Streamlined - Connected to your accounting package through either MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks Online, plus integration with a range of other add-ons for even more functionality. Eg. Mailchimp, Stripe and many others

If you would like to know more about ServiceM8 please get in touch for a free initial 20 minute consult or Setup your Free Trial today – YOU’RE FIRST 20 JOBS ARE FREE. 

The Smart App for Business