Adamstown, NSW

Strategy & Coaching

Do you ever find yourself thinking – gee it would be nice to talk to someone who just “gets it” and who I don’t have to put on a brave face for??

As business owners it is sometimes such a lonely journey, whereby we feel that we need to do it all ourselves and struggle to make progress from one year to the next.

Remember what Albert Einstein says…


Here’s another oldie but a goodie –  “If you fail to plan your plan to fail”.

In business we hear those types of things alot and for many it can just feel like an added bit of pressure on top of what already feels like a never ending to do list.

Honestly though – planning and strategy will give you back your life and Sanity. We have known of business owners to increase their productivity from 200-400% by implementing some of the simple steps we provide people with during our sessions.

We understand that sometimes what is needed is a time and place away you’re your business to take a deep dive in and have a look at where your business is now, what the issues are, where you want to go and how you plan on getting there and then breaking that down to what needs to happen on a week to week basis to get you there.

Many business owners know that they would get a lot of benefit out of doing this but quite simply they either:

  • Don’t have a process to follow or find it hard to stay on track on their own
  • Don’t know if they are covering everything they need to cover
  • Find it hard to take themselves away from the distractions whilst at their own office or home
  • Don’t have the discipline to block out the time and get it done.
  • Would really like someone to guide them through the process and keep them on track.
  • Need help in breaking down their plan into bite size pieces.

If you feel that you would benefit from having a planning day for your business click here to find out more.