Adamstown, NSW

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One thing we know for a fact is that life is busy! But for a small business owner it can become even more hectic and often overwhelming.

Over 90% of small business owners who contact us tell us they feel frazzled and torn between priorities. There are so many hats to wear and usually they only have one or two they actually enjoy. Typically financial systems, strategy and administration don’t appear in that list…

Our experienced and dedicated team LOVE working with business owners and taking care of this for them.

Founded by Deb Jensen in 2000, Experienced Business Solutions works with small and medium business owners to help them with their Strategy, Systems and bookkeeping needs.

We listen to our clients and find out what is challenging, important and unique for them and then provide a range of financial management and bookkeeping solutions in a way that suits them and their business.

We do this so clients can avoid nasty surprises where possible, and are armed with information to have the conversations they need to have, make the decisions they need to make, and feel organised, secure and on track in the process.



    To Help Business Owners have better lives and be seen for their contribution to our community and country.


    To create a financial administration and management "go to" hub for small business owners by providing simple yet powerful tools, training and services that create transformation, structure, connection and rhythm to ultimately provide the freedom which allows them to have better lives and scale their business with confidence should they choose to.


    Support & Nurture - Add Value and Push Boundaries - Connect - Heart and Soul - Respect the Numbers - Lean but not Mean

What our Values Mean to Us...


Respect, consider and support others. Have your clients back and each others.


Love the client. Love what you do. Treat it like your own


Innovate. Work Smarter, think outside the square. Do whatever it takes. Go above and beyond

Respect the Numbers

The language of business is numbers and numbers love structure. Provide numbers with the structure they crave in order to be of service.


Make real connections with each other and clients and strive for a family spirit throughout.


Do more with less and share any lessons learned with others.


Deb Jensen is the founder of Experienced Business Solutions (EBS), but more than that she is intensely passionate about helping small business owners to have better lives.

EBS is about far more than just doing the accounts for clients, it’s about working together with business owners to create a great strategy to move them forward in the direction they want to take. In the process we try to build the business as an asset by developing operating procedures and implementing efficient financial operating systems to provide insights and information for effective decision-making.

Deb has been looking after small business for over 24 years but more than that she grew up in a culture of small business, watching her Dad and his partner work hard in their small business – which often ran on the smell of an oily rag!

Regardless of how hard he worked he always had a focus on serving his customers at the highest level which she deeply admired, but also knew that this wasn’t without a lot of sacrifices. It was from there that she grew an enormous amount of respect for people behind small business and her purpose to support business owners to have better lives was born.

After growing and negotiating the sale of two businesses, Deb went on to study Commerce at Newcastle University and was awarded the Degree with Distinction (which basically means she’s a clever cookie).

Now as a qualified Accountant Deb specialises in Strategy and Systems Development as she deeply understands the value of structure around numbers and systems in developing a business ready to sell or run under management. She is Xero and Workflow Max Certified, and a Registered BAS Agent.